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From CUSTOM HOMES to NEIGBORHOODS, our design teams have crafted some of the finest homes and communities in the region.

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In our world, there is only right or wrong. We only build right, with the best materials, sub-contractors and vendors. We make the difficult... easy.

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From beautiful custom homes and production homes through neighborhood design and construction, it's all about managing the process. 

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A Partnership with over 60 Years Experience in Residential Construction and Land Development
With over 60 years of combined experience in residential land development, construction and design, the Partners of Sullivan Homes LLC have the experience and knowledge to make your next project a success.
Certified and Active Professionals
We believe in Experience. However, the Partners of Sullivan Homes LLC have extensive certifications and community/business activity to back up Experience. From a Juris Doctorate in Law, BA's in Business and History, Past President of the Spokane Area of Realtors, State Director of Realtors, ABC Extreme Makeover, co-founder of KXLY Extreme Team, RE Broker and Lender licensing and more. 
Building homes and communities creates physical things. However, it's our client's dreams and desires that we design, construct and manage for. We are a People Company...we believe in and exist only because of our people.


"Thank you for building us an amazing beautiful home. Better yet, thank you for building us a QUALITY home & thinking of all the details we missed or just didn't know. I will sleep well at night knowing things were done RIGHT & no corners were cut. It turned out so much better than we ever could have imagined!"
Dan and Rory B.


With nearly 1,000 homes built in the Northwest, here's a small sampling of the different styles and designs from Sullivan Homes.


Idaho Club
Evening Glow
Rustic - North Idaho
Backus Creek
Copper Creek - rear elevation
Granite Crek
Night Appriach
Winter Storm
Welcome Home
Evening Falls
My Home - long ago
Blue sky
Window Glow
Green Grass
Side Load
Sunset Beauty


Empty Chairs
Chink and Siding
Outdoor Light at Dusk
Garage Light
Fat dormer
Cross Beam
Post Stone
Little Dormer
Party Deck


Caretaker's House
Club House
Waterfront Development
Saving the Oak Tree
Live on the water
True beauty


Door Home
Wine Country
Fireplace View
Fireplace View - again
Fireplace View - again and again
Interior Beams
Light in Fireplace
Wine Tonight
Come home
Range at night
Sun inside
Knock knock


Design Studios
Two Step
Lights on
Small Beauty


Frequent Questions for Custom Homes

Can you build a Custom Home on my property?

Absolutely! We build on your property or ours. If you don't have a property yet, make certain you inquire as to our properties (it's always changing!). If we don't have what you want, we always help our clients find that perfect slice of heaven!

What areas do you build Custom Homes in?

We are headquartered in Spokane, WA. Depending on the project and our staffing, our "build envelope" is somewhat flexible. A good rule of thumb is we will typically build within half an hour of downtown. However, we've done a lot of residential construction in North Idaho and Tri Cities.

How long is your typical time frame?

For most projects, our actual construction time for a custom home is 6 to 8 months after permits are released. Not counting winter and other issues. With smaller homes in residential locations our build time is usually 4 months. Fastest home is 99 hours from start to finish (Extreme Makeover, North Idaho).

Do you have financing available?

For a Custom Home, it' best if our clients secure their own financing. However, in certain circumstances, we can provide financing for a custom home. But, with certain Custom Home Loans that require 5% down and 710 FICA minimum, most people don't realize that they are eligible for a Custom Home Loan. It will usually be cheaper for our clients to secure a Custom Home Loan than have us finance the construction as our loan rates (being a business) are higher than an individual.

Do I have to own my own lot before starting the Design Process?

Not at all. The design stage works best if you know the property so we can take advantage of the location, placement and natural amenities. However, we often work with Clients that are in the midst of their due diligence in buying property. Sometimes, our Clients will have several properties under consideration while we design their Custom Home with them.

Do you help in designing my dream home?

Not only can we help design your Custom Home, but we REALLY WANT TO HELP! Todd J. Sullivan is not only a preeminent builder, but a world class residential designer with several hundred homes designed and built. Unlike traditional home designers or architects, when we design a home and build it, it better be perfect. Cause, there's no excuse! In fact, we believe in our design capabilities and experience to such a high degree, that even if you have a fully completed residential home design and blueprints, we will redraft it in our State of the Art 3D CAD System to fully understand how it will be constructed.

How do I select Options and Upgrades?

Options and Upgrades can be a confusing nightmare for many builders and their clients. Not for us! Every project receives it's own custom website that stays with the house indefinitely. The Build Site has not only all Scheduling, Documents, Plans, Budgets, Communication and Photo/Video, but it has our online Selection System. The Custom Build program creates a template that has all the major categories and each category has one standard selection. Under the standard selection are numerous options that can be selected online. Many options are already priced out. This system makes the process of building a custom home as easy as buying a new car. It removes all the confusion and issues and creates a streamline program that is fun to use and watch your Custom Home being built!

Can I do my own work?

For most part, no. We are super friendly and always straight forward! The primary reason is for insurance purposes. Our insurance carrier would yell bloody murder if our clients were actually working on the home during construction. Sometimes, if it's work such as painting a baby's bedroom, we can shut down the job and allow our clients to go in and paint the room if they have insurance to protect them.

How do I find a lot for my Custom Home?

We can absolutely help you find the property of your dreams. We have licensed brokers on our ownership team that are happy to help our clients with finding the right property and making the offer. In fact, finding the right property that also is efficient for construction is so important that we hope you will call us to look at any property before you make an offer on it. It's a free service and there's no obligation. However, there are so many issues and items to understand regarding a property, some that can cost tens of thousands of dollars if done wrong. Call the professionals, we are glad to walk the property and help!

Do you have other New homes for sale?

We always have some homes that have been custom designed for their lots that are under construction and for sale. We strive for approximately 50% buyer financed Custom Homes and 50% builder financed Custom Homes (no client, for sale homes).


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