Construction Management        CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT

What is a custom home before it's built?

It is information and relationships. 

It's an idea, a concept. A dream. It's an individual or couple and a builder working together, creating a fabric of relationships and information to create a thing of beauty and dreams.  

Sullivan Homes CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT is the most sophisticated Construction Management System of it's kind. Our system creates a website for every property. The SMART CUSTOM© WEBSITE controls the following:

  • Project Management
    • Construction Schedule
    • To Do List
    • Change Orders
    • Warranty 
    • Selections
  • Files
    • Documents
    • Photos
    • Video
  • Financial
    • Budget
    • Bids
    • Estimates
    • Change Orders 
    • Owner Payments

The Sullivan Homes SMART CUSTOM© WEBSITE core benefits for the Homeowner is that it provides a website that has all the information of the home, including all the products that were selected and warranty items, forever. Yep, 10 years later the Homeowner can look up the manufacturer and color codes for their bathroom paint. Or, the caulk that was used in the shower. The carpet, the kitchen faucet warranty, the siding material, the front door size and type, the garage door model number and directions. 


EVERY HOME HAS IT'S OWN WEBSITE with all the information... including blueprints.... forever.

Our SMART CUSTOM© WEBSITE makes building a Custom Home as easy as picking out a new car, going online, and selecting the upgrades and immediate pricing. And, watching how the car (house) is being built with photos and video as it is assembled (built). 

BUILT BEST from the GROUND UP starts with project management. After all, it's all about information and relationships in building a Custom Home.